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31 da Sarrafada

31 da Sarrafada


Dear Europe



Dear Mrs. Merkel, Dear Mr. Sarkozy, Dear Mr. Cameron, Dear Mr. Barroso (ok, José Manuel for you), Dear Islanders, Dear fellow (?) citizens of the other twenty six countries of the European UNION,


Do you know what the real problem is with Portugal? Let me tell you: our problem is that we are deeply, profoundly and irreparably stupid, as a people, as a whole, I mean. We've always been, always will be.

The problem, our problem, is that we weren’t in this for the money. We're used to be poorer than you guys and can cope with living with that. No, for us, Portuguese people, it wasn't a business, it was - now call us stupid, we know - because we believed we were to be all European. European citizens. You know, somehow like neighbours, like friends. We tend to believe.

We are very, very stupid.


Please do punish us accordingly.


Your humbly


A Portuguese citizen


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